Break Me Open

by Marjorie Whitley

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released August 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Marjorie Whitley Atlanta, Georgia

Singer Songwriter Marjorie Whitley
is like a modern day Joni Mitchell meets Alanis Morissette with a Christian Edge –

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Track Name: Break Me Open

I could lock myself away / Pull down all the shades / Stand behind the door forevermore / I could take away the key / Hurl it into the sea / I could bury my head deep into the sand

But I would never, never / I would never Understand / About love


Break Me open / Break my heart / Pull me out of the dark / Turn me over / Shake me up / Teach me all about love


I wanna tear down all the walls / Break out of the box /Open my eyes, never hide / Never be afraid / Never be ashamed / Put my heart right into your hands

So that forever, ever, / Forever I will Understand / About love
Track Name: Sweet Love
Your love is stirring inside me / Causing emotion / A love that’s buried down so deep / Deeper that the ocean / I’ve never tasted love so sweet / A love that’s tearing down the walls inside of me / Yea yea

Oh, Oh Sweet Sweet love / Oh, Oh Coming like a flood / Oh, Oh your love / Your sweet love

And I feel you touching me / Like the sweet sweet rain from heaven / And I feel you loving me / Again and again I’m forgiven / Like moth to the flame / You draw me into you / I’ll never be the same
Track Name: Like Breathing
I could count the stars from Jupiter to Mars and never understand the depth of who you are / Still you look at me and love is all you see / we are intertwined / drinking from the vine / Never be apart

You are a part of me / deep in the heart of me / Just like breathing / And every word you say ignites a burning flame / two hearts beating / Oh Oh Oh

It’s more than just a feeling / goes deeper than believing / You are in my heart my whole reason for being / I’ve never seen the air but still I know it’s there / I’ve never seen the wind but I see you my friend / You are everywhere

Even when I’m sleeping / You are gently keeping
Track Name: Fragile
Hold me / Hold me / I need you to hold me / Gently in your arms / My heart is fragile
Shelter me from harm

Love me / Love me / I need you to love me / Love me as your own / My love is fragile
Ease my weary soul

Take me / Take me / I need you to take me / Take me as I am / I am so fragile
Hold me gently in your hands
Track Name: Lily Of The Field
Lily of the filed you astound me so / Gently sleeping in the sun / Do you carry burdens deep within your soul / little flower in the sun

Lily of the field will you answer me / Is there nothing to be sewn / If I were to wake you or disturb your sleep / Would you make your answer known

Lily how you shine within your circumstance / Even when your world has come undone / Even when the darkest of clouds appear / lily is still shining in the sun / In the sun / In the sun / In the sun, sun, sun

Lily of the filed give me eyes to see / The untold secret of your peace / As I kneel beside you among your gentle beams / Won’t you share it with me